Is This The End For Custard Creams And Digestive Biscuits?


Sales are crumbling.

Custard Creams and digestive biscuits are absolute staples in the British biscuit market, and yet it looks like we might be losing both due to crumbling sales.

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According to reports, sales have dropped almost a million packets per week in the ‘everyday biscuits’ category, which also includes Rich Tea (but no one really cares about them).

Research from analysts Kantar Worldpanel shows that the value of biscuits sales across the board have dropped by nearly £26million in the last year. Maybe the general public really are making an effort to be more healthy.


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Then again maybe not, as it looks like customers are favouring brands such as Oreos and Jaffa Cakes over the more traditional biscuits.

The figures in Kantar’s report also shows that in the year up to October, sales of chocolate biscuit bars were also down by £11million. Overall, UK residents bought 48.4million fewer packets of biscuits over the year.


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Anyway, you get the point. People are trying to eat less biscuits and as a result, our favourites could be pulled from the shelves. People should stop being so selfish, forget about their health, and start munching down on some Custard Creams before it’s too late. Do your bit for the country, guys.

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