Is This Photo Proof Hilary Clinton Is Using A Body Double?

Hillary Clinton

Trump fans seem to think so.

Following Hillary Clinton’s collapse at the 9/11 memorial on Sunday, conspiracy theorists have claimed that she used a body-double to reassure supporters of her health.

Avid Twitter warriors are sharing photo comparisons of the presidential nominee to expose the supposed ‘physical differences’ in the Clinton who later emerged from her daughter Chelsea’s posh New York City apartment.

The incident on Sunday, during which Clinton was captured almost fainting before being helped into a car by her security team, has already prompted several bizarre conspiracy theories to emerge. Just yesterday we reported on rumours that Hillary had been poisoned by Putin and Trump. But the latest theories have seemingly come straight out of Trump’s support system of paranoid maniacs.

While one angry Twitter detective points out that Clinton isn’t flanked by hench guards, it’s likely that her team kept some distance from Clinton to allow her to put on a friendly face in Democratic stronghold NYC. Yet, those who have picked up on a minutiae of differences between Clinton’s before and after appearance seem to be even more bat shit crazy.

Spot the difference between the pictures to see the fake Hillary’s slightly chunkier earlobe, subtly downturned nose and apparently longer index finger if you can.

Aside from dismissing the fact that people look different from alternate angles (which is why we all take approx. 53.5 selfies before we achieve picture perfection), comments about Hillary’s frailer frame also dismiss her announcement on Sunday that she is suffering from pneumonia.

Stay sensationalist (and mental), Camp Trump.


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