Is Hurricane Matthew Actually Harambe’s Revenge?


That picture is no coincidence.

As you will know, there’s currently a devastating hurricane making its way to America, with parts of eastern Florida already hit by strong winds. Residents in that part of the country have been told to evacuate their homes after a rare “extreme wind warning” was sent out as the storm heads closer to the shores.

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Now while some put this storm down to climate change, or God as many people in America will try to claim, eagle-eyed weather watchers reckon that there’s a far more sinister message in Hurricane Matthew that is coming from beyond the grave.

Watchers have noticed how the images of the horrific storm resemble the face of Harambe, claiming that the gorilla somehow unleashed the hurricane and has “returned for his vengeance.”


The theory was weirdly started by Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack after he shared the image on Facebook with the caption “He has returned.” This has sparked fears that an apocalypse is looming.

Could it be true? Is Harambe really making his comeback to make the entire world pay for what they did to him? Either way, that picture sure does look like some sort of demonic face and with the hurricane set to kill thousands of people, it’s pretty scary stuff.

We are overdue a wipeout pretty soon. Maybe this is it and the end of the world really is nigh? If so, you might want to check out the Sick Chirpse guide to the end of the world. You’re welcome.


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