Is He Gonna Skank To Beethoven?

The question on our lips this morning is quite a riveting one. It involves Beethoven and Batman_LDN. Will he? Won’t he? Well there’s only one way to find out.


The question on our lips this morning is quite a riveting one. It is the kind of question that one only asks themselves after a period of intense mental delirium. I wonder what all of you have been asking yourselves this morning? Maybe it involved whether you should take your morning shit before your coffee or hold out until after the caffeine was running through your blood to give you that extra laxative effect while evacuating your rectum. Or maybe your morning of questioning involved as to what Sony will unveil at their press conference later today? Or maybe even such a simple question as to whether you should consume one, or two crumpets for your breakfast. These questions are the questions of mere mortals, as once you have reached the higher level of the further dimensions you will find yourself entering a deep state of meditation at will for one reason only, and that is to ask yourself if he’s gonna skank to Beethoven.

Now before you start jumping to conclusions about whether our sunglasses wearing friend will indeed drop a rather heavy skank to the deaf genius that was known to the ladies as Ludwig, I ask you of one thing and one thing only, please give the man who brought us Moonlight Sonata one last pittance of respect and join in with Batman_LDN if he does indeed decide to Skank to Beethoven.

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