The First Ever Iron Man Style Rocket Suit Is Here

Rocket SUit

Tony Stark eat your heart out.

The best thing about science fiction/fantasy movies is the stuff that they use just doesn’t exist in real life, but as time ticks on more and more of it is actually becoming available for those of us with a shedload of cash.

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The latest of these is a real life working Tony Stark Iron Man suit. OK, well it’s not exactly the same in that it doesn’t have loads of badass weapons and repulsor blasts or whatever, but in terms of being a rocket powered suit it’s the same. I guess that’s more in keeping with The Rocketeer (you’re probably too young) than Tony Stark, but hey Iron Man’s all the rage these days so let’s just roll with it.

Anyway, the suit allows users to fly at speeds of 50mph and the company that designed itGravity Industries has now been granted a patent. They intend to start racing people in the suits through custom courses and starting some kind of league based around it with different teams etc which actually sounds kinda sick when you think about it. But only if they have to go through little holes and do hairpin turns and get completely smashed up if they don’t right? That’s where the mass appeal lies surely?

Company founder Richard Browning had this to say about the future:

Since launching Gravity in 2017, we have not stopped challenging the status quo,.

Restlessly pioneering developments in STEM, today’s patent issuance is a giant milestone for Gravity which will enable us to continue to innovate and hopefully inspire others.

Our current priority is the launch of a Gravity Race Series in late 2019, which will see a new cohort of diverse pilots putting their flight skills to the test, competing in teams on courses around the world.

I mean that sounds pretty crazy that this might actually happen before the end of the year, but it sounds like Browning has some grand ideas. Can’t wait to see these races in action, no joke.

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