Irish Wreckheads Built Rave Igloos And Got Completely Wasted To Deal With Storm Emma

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Anyone in the UK will have noticed that we’ve had to deal with an untimely amount of snow for the last couple of weeks thanks to Storm Emma and The Beast From The East, but it looks like the Irish won the award for how best to react to these conditions judging by the video below.

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Totally encapsulating the typical Irish wreckhead culture, it turns out that many of them decided to use the snow to build full on rave igloos and then spend the weekend getting completely and utterly trashed in them with all their friends. The compilation video below comes courtesy of Humans Of The Sesh and highlights some of the best of these and proving that Irish people really do know how to make the best out of a bad situation:

Damn, I can’t believe how many people actually built igloos there, but I suppose if you’re off work then you might as well get your friends over for an igloo session. Props to they guys who got Domino’s delivered to their igloos and I think the best one looked like the one where they were all listening to Fatboy Slim – it seemed like there were around 20 people in there. That’s some serious construction work.

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