This Irish Boxer Just Completely Lost His Shit During His Post Olympic Match Interview

Michael Conlan Furious

‘Fucking cheats’.

The Olympic Games aren’t without their controversial moments, but the athletes involved in them usually keep their cool and remain fairly dignified in front of the glare of the world. Usually.

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The same can’t be said of Irish boxer Michael Conlan, although in fairness to the guy he might have had a point as he somehow managed to lose his quarter final match against Russian Vladimir Nikitin despite the fact he could barely stand up at the end of the fight. In his post match interview, Conlan was understandably furious and went on to call the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) ‘fucking cheats’ five times in a 20 second interview and promising to never box for them again in his career:

Ouch. He didn’t hold back there did he?

To be fair though, I’m not gonna lie and say I’m an expert on boxing but it looked to me like he absolutely battered this Russian dude and everyone on the internet seems to be saying he got completely robbed by the AIBA judges as well. The three judges –  Kennedy Silva of Brazil, Udeni Kiridena of Sri Lanka, and Poland’s Mariusz Gorny – all called the match the exact same way, awarding the first and third rounds to Nikitin, and the second to Conlan.

Most people seem to think that Conlan clearly won the first AND third rounds though and it was just because those corrupt Russians have a shit load of money to pay those guys – and let’s be honest, they’re not exactly from countries that aren’t known for their corruption – that this has happened. If it has then you gotta feel sorry for the dude who really wanted an Olympic medal and has been denied it by these fucking jerks when he worked his ass off for it. I suppose he’ll go on and make loads of money as a pro, but that probably isn’t really the point here is it?

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