Irish Bomber Blows Himself Up When He Forgot To Put His Watch Forward An Extra Hour

Irish Car Bomber Blows Himself Up


Is this the Irish joke to end all Irish jokes? Irish police believe a man who was severely injured by a bomb blast blew himself up after forgetting that the clocks went forward at the weekend and the bomb went off earlier than expected in his face.

The unnamed man – who is currently being interrogated by the police – was seen fleeing the New Street and Clanbrassil Street area in Dublin on Sunday night at 11pm after a bomb went off under a Volvo SUV.

Here’s what Superintendent Dave Taylor had to say about the investigation/explosion:

‘This certainly was a high-grade explosive used in this bomb. It wasn’t garbage stuff. It would appear the bomber got his timings wrong. It could be a case where he didn’t put his watch forward on Sunday and the timer went off too soon. If anyone had been in the car or walking near it at the time then they would have been killed.’

‘It was a very extensive explosion and it was a very frightening experience for the people. It is quite obvious that the car was the object of this attack.’

The police believe that the explosion is linked to some kind of gang/mafia thing going on in Dublin. The car belonged to a local businessman who declined to comment and as such sounds like he’s probably a badass gangster that someone was trying to take out.

That extra hour huh? Good for something. Or not if you’re a terrorist/gang war member who’s also really stupid.


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