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Argo is one of those films that has come and gone that I haven’t got around to seeing yet. Not because it’s got Ben Affleck in it (Ben Affleck is great – have you seen The Town? Good Will Hunting?), but because it looks super political and serious, and though I know it’s a great film worth seeing and it won an Oscar etc., I find the hype and insistence that I witness majorly off-putting and now I’m at a point where I don’t think I’ll watch Argo until I don’t hear it mentioned for another five years, which is a shame as it actually seems pretty good.

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Imagine my shock then, when I discovered that not everyone was a fan of Argo. In fact, there’s an entire country out there that HATED the film. Can you guess which country? Oh go on, guess. I’ll give you a clue — it’s not only in the title of this post, but the feature country of the film in question. Ta-daaaa.

Yep, Iran is planning on suing Hollywood over the film’s “unrealistic portrayal” of their country. Apparently Argo is nothing but pro-CIA, anti-Iran propaganda and as it isn’t the first time those sneaky Hollywood fuckers have screwed Iran like this and they feel it’s time they took those fuckers to court. If you remember in 2009, Iran demanded an apology from a team of visiting Hollywood officials over “300” and “The Wrestler”, which were both “insulting” to Iranians. And they haven’t forgotten 1991 film “Not Without My Daughter” either, the true story of an American woman and her daughter’s escape from Iran, which painted Iranians as misogynist, boorish bastards. Which they are definitely not, OK?

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Argo who?
Argo fuck yourself.


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The decision to sue Hollywood comes after there was a private screening of the film in Tehran, at a meeting entitled “The Hoax of Hollywood”. They watched the film, no one enjoyed it, and so instead of forming a film club to discuss the plot, characters and soundtrack they instead talked about how they were going to sue the people responsible for its release.

They were so outraged in fact, that the Iran film industry BOYCOTTED this year’s Oscars. Incredibly, the ceremony was able to go ahead without them. It was close though.

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