Iran Opens Sinister War Theme Park Where Kids Can Play With AK47s

What’s wrong with Alton Towers?

Iran has opened a war-based theme part for children to pretend to attack their ‘enemies in the West’.

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The park includes military checkpoints, AK-47s, sandbags and bunkers in place of the usual rollercoasters and roundabouts.

Titled the ‘City of Games for Revolutionary Children’, this park allows kids to dress up in full on combat gear to play war with Israel and the West. Sounds intense.


Kids between the ages of 8-13 are shown how to shoot plastic bullets and artillery shells at US flags. Radios relay messages to the children who pose in mini uniforms and bear lifelike firearm replicas.

war-based-theme-park-1 war-based-theme-park-2

And if that wasn’t messed up enough, they’re also shown what it’s like to fight ISIS in Syria. And there is a mock-up of the Shrine of Zaynab mosque, located in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The park’s boss Hamid Sadeghi said:

At the City of Games, we are trying to convey to the children messages about fighting, the Holy Defence and current global issues, through games, amusements, and group activities.


Seems a bit violent if you ask me. You shouldn’t really be normalising war for children. But then again, who are we to talk when we send troops over to that area of the world to kill thousands of innocent civilians each year. Still, I reckon if you’ve got a kid, you’re better off taking them somewhere like Alton Towers. Fewer questions, more fun.


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