How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop An AK-47 Bullet?

iPhone AK47 Bullet

Have a guess.

Have you ever wondered about being shot by an AK47 and whether or not your iPhone would be able to take the force of the bullet and leave you alive?

No, me neither but some bright spark decided that he had to know the answer to this question. He was probably inspired by that video about how many water balloons it takes to stop a bullet.

The dude immediately hung up a bunch of iPhones from a rail and then proceeded to fire an AK47 at them. The bad news is that if you’re carrying just one iPhone and you get shot with an AK47 then you’re pretty much a goner.

The good news is though that there is a number of iPhones that you can be carrying to guarantee your safety in this situation. Place your bets and then check out the video below to find out the magic number. The immediately buy this many iPhones to ensure that you’re safe at all time from AK47 bullets.

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