Rumours are circulating the web that Apple’s latest project, the iPhone 5, will be released tomorrow. have made a mock-up prototype, here’s some pics and a video of it.

The iPhone 5 (or possibly iPhone 4S) is the latest instalment in Apple’s iPhone range. Rumours are circulating the web saying that the new iPhone will be released tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th of October. While we wait, Giga Netzwork have designed a mock-up prototype showing what they think the new iPhone will look like.

The mock-up design features a 4inch touchscreen, which is slightly bigger than the screen on the iPhone 4, a duel core A5 processor, 1GB RAM, voice-control functions such as a voice-controlled SMS writer and an 8MP camera, an improvement on the previous 5MP.

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iPhone 5?

iPhone 5

iPhone 5



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