VIDEO: iPhone 5 Glued To Floor Fools Most Of Amsterdam

iphone 5 glued to ground

There’s something about those old tricks that make them funny even today, especially when they involve that hot new piece of technology that everyone wants, the iPhone 5.

iphone 5 glued to ground

So yesterday we posted up this video of some idiot who was waiting in line for an iPhone 5 to come out at the weekend so she could be one of the first to own one, even though she didn’t really seem to know what it was or what it did or anything about it. Even what it was called. Seriously if you didn’t check out that video yet you really, really need to, right now. Do it.

That video (and article) kind of accentuates the fact that the iPhone 5 was the latest must have item that you NEEDED to own if you wanted to look cool last weekend. So, over in Amsterdam the team at decided it would be really funny to apply an old trick to the iPhone 5 and see how people reacted. You know that old game where you glue a pound to the floor and then hide in the bushes and giggle at everyone who walks past and tries to pick it up but can’t? Well yeah, they did that with an iPhone 5, only in the centre of one of the biggest squares in Amsterdam, the Leidseplein.

The reactions are as you would expect – almost everyone tries to pick it up and run off with it, only to be thwarted when they realise that it’s glued to the floor. Most of those who get punked just giggle and run off when they realise that they’ve been pranked and are probably on a hidden camera TV show, but one guy can’t help but vent his rage and kicks it to try and break the bond with the glue, but to no avail.

This is really the kind of thing we should be doing at Sick Chirpse but unfortunately we can’t just buy iPhone 5’s and stick them on the floor for lolz, we can’t even afford to buy iPhone 5’s (believe me if I had the bread I would definitely have one of those baby’s right now….) and so you’ll have to make do with this wacky Dutch video instead, it is pretty lolz to be fair though:

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