Foals don’t just create an image phonically to promote themselves, they roll with their boys Dave Ma and Tinhead.


Oxford musical maestros ‘Foals’ are no doubt at the forefront of innovation when it comes UK bands, creating a sound that is truly unique in a music industry that is awash with competition winners and ‘nurtured talent’. Foals don’t just create an image phonically to promote themselves, they roll with their boys Dave Ma and Tinhead who tend to the visual side of the outfit. Since the birth of Foals their artwork has always stood out on the shelves, I remember seeing their first single ‘Hummer’ and just taking a look wondering who the artist was. The same can be said upon viewing the previously mentioned single’s video, in the days when ‘MTV still played videos’ as Kanye West once said.

Let’s touch base with Dave Ma, video director and photographer. Dave was born in the north of Sydney Australia. He is the son of a reclusive greyhound trainer and was a founding member of the ‘Brat Patrol’ who caused havoc playing night time pranks on locals.

Dave Ma

Leaving Sydney in 2001 he began a trip around the globe, which ended up leading him to London where he is now based permanently. Dave Ma later began working with Foals, photographing gigs and eventually producing their first video ‘Hummer’- from that point on he has had a lead role in all things cinematic for Foals. It was only a matter of time before Dave Ma’s work was picked up by award shows. Notable successes include being nominated in the cinematography category for his efforts on the video for  Foals ‘Olympic Airways’ at the UK VMA’s; a nomination for best new director celebrating his work on Delphic’s video ‘this momentary;’ and last but not least voted NO:38 in the NME music videos of 2010 for the excellent video for ‘Spanish Sahara’  . Dave has also worked with a range of other artists producing photographs and video for the likes of, The Horrors, Wild Beasts and Hurts. It’s hard not to like any of Dave Ma’s portfolio as he is an extremely talented individual, long may he keep creating his masterpieces and one day maybe get the recognition he deserves. Here’s that great portfolio in action displaying Dave Ma’s work.

Next up to the oche is Tinhead a.k.a Christopher Wright. His game is illustration and he certainly knows how to throw out some absolute corking pieces not just for Foals but also for other various artists as well as record labels. Tinhead is also a longstanding member of the visual brotherhood and has been with Foals from the beginning of existence, along with that he also races go-karts. He met members of the band whilst at college in Oxford, drummer Jack Bevan and bassist Walter Gervers asked him to create some artwork for a band they formed who just happened to be   FOALS. Tinhead rarely displays his work in the way any normal artist or designer would, instead he just releases it through his G’s and lets it do the talking. He does however put pieces of his work up for sale.


Check some of Dave Ma & Tinheads work below:






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