New 2 piece band from ex members of Blakfish manages to smash your face off.

Hymns is ‘a 2 piece atheist rock band comprising of Samuel Manville and Peter Reisner.’ Hymns are apparently ‘an interpretation of classical music through the medium of guitars, vocals and drums,’ but to me it just sounds like Sam Manville from Blakfish singing and screaming slightly more structured (in a classic pop song kinda way) songs than he did in Blakfish but without all the insanity that the other guys in that band managed to bring to the table. Anyway, Hymns’ first single is called ‘A Punch To The Temple’ and it gives a pretty good indication of what the band is about. Don’t be deceived by the fact that this is a 2 piece band – it’s not some kind of lame White Stripes rip off, for a start both Sam and Pete both rip on their instruments as opposed to being completely crap – as they manage to rip audiences a new one with their intense live show and Sam’s ear piercing screams. The video is pretty creepy with the guys hanging out in a church and some weird conductor guy with a moustache orchestrating their performance. Gothic. Check out the Hymns video for ‘A Punch To The Temple’ below:


If you enjoyed Hymns, check out their website and go buy the live DVD they just bought out. It’s limited to 150 copies so make sure you’re quick!

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