Instagram Sues Company That Made $9M Selling Fake Likes and Followers


Buying Instagram likes and followers has become more and more popular in recent years, with more than just a couple of platforms that you can use to increase your follower count.

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However, not all of them are providing you with real, legit Instagram likes and followers. Some of these platforms rely on bots to provide their clients with the services they claim to offer.

These are the exact platforms that attract unwanted eyes – namely, the eyes of Instagram itself!

Fake Likes and Followers

One New Zealand-based company, despite providing its clients with nothing but fake likes and followers, has managed to earn roughly $9.5 million. The people behind this big scam operated multiple websites that were advertised as selling Instagram likes and followers.

Even though Instagram and the people behind do not allow the purchase of likes and followers through any means, it seems that those selling fake interaction/ engagement are more likely to be chased, so to say, and shut down.

Preventing Inauthentic Behavior on Instagram

As soon as they filed in the lawsuit, Instagram – via Jessica Romero, its Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation – has also made a post on their official page, namedPreventing Inauthentic Behavior on Instagram.

In this post, it is stated that the company goes to great lengths to stop any attempt of inauthentic activity on its platform. This includes blocking the use and creation of fake accounts, as well as relying on machine learning tech to find and remove any type of inauthentic activity from Instagram.

Soon to be Guilty as Charged?

As mentioned, Instagram has filed a lawsuit against one of the companies responsible for selling fake likes, followers, and comments. Their purpose is to stop them – and everyone like them – from engaging and profiting in the sale of fake views, likes, and followers on Instagram.

The company has violated the platform’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, as well as the Abuse Act, Computer Fraud, and other California laws that refer to the distribution of fake likes on Instagram.

Naturally, the whole thing gets much worse for the defendants, as their accounts have been suspended multiple times and yet they found a way to get back on the platform and continue their activity.

What Can We Expect?

Obviously, it is very likely that Instagram will win this lawsuit and that the company will soon be ruled out of existence, so to say.

However, what does the future hold for similar companies? How will Instagram treat the rest of the entities that sell likes and followers?

Well, for example – this is my to-go choice for likes and followers. As you can notice, the platform sells real likes/ comments/ followers from real people with real Instagram accounts. In short, there are no bots involved.

Even though Instagram does not like this kind of actions, it would be quite hard for them to shut down a company that engages with real people and relies on them to like/ follow those that have paid for their services.

The Bottom Line

Reportedly, Facebook stated that this lawsuit is one of the many steps they will take to protect its users from inauthentic behavior on Instagram and Facebook. Given the fact that there are currently so many bots active out there, spamming our inbox and so on, we can assume this statement to be very true.

Now, all we can do is wait for the lawsuit to unfold and see what else will Instagram/ Facebook do to prevent such actions on their platform/s.


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