This Instagram Model Says That His Tattoos Alone Give His Lovers Multiple Orgasms

Er OK?

I imagine that most guys think that they’re absolutely awesome in bed and always give their lovers the best orgasms, but the truth of the matter might be much further off the bat because if you talk to any woman ever then they’ll all pretty much admit to having faked a bunch of orgasms in their life.

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That’s why it’s so funny that this Instagram model has decided to come out completely unprompted and tell the world that his tattoos are responsible for giving all his lovers multiple orgasms when he isn’t even shagging them. Here’s what Jake Andrich had to say about it all:

My confidence levels are at an all time high ever since I started to workout and got tattoos.

I know that has a lot to do with it, but I also had many partners tell me my actual look has made them orgasm multiple times…

I guess they do give me that ‘bad boy look’, which me being a scorpio and dominant in bed just makes the entire fantasy come to life.

I’m glad my tattoos can bring them as much excitement as it does to me.

Ok so everything he’s saying there does make sense sure, but I just can’t believe that this guy is just walking around giving people orgasms just by standing there looking like a badass hench guy with crap tattoos. That kinda seems to be what he’s implying here and that’s just ridiculous, right?

And the main thing here is who the hell goes around talking about giving girls multiple orgasms and expects to be taken seriously? Wind your neck in pal.

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