Instagram Model Nearly Dies While Trying To Capture The Perfect Selfie (VIDEO)

Model Instagram

The height of stupidity.

The video below shows the moment an Instagram model puts her life at serious risk in order to get the perfect picture. Some people will do anything for a good selfie.

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23-year-old Viki Odintcova posed for pictures while being dangled by a male assistant off the edge of a skyscraper. Using one hand, the model dangles from 1,000ft in the air. Just one slip up and she would’ve been toast.

As said, this is taking the whole Instagram modelling game up a notch. These days women like Viki are able to make a living through their Instagram followers, but with all of the competition out there, you’ve got to ensure you’re a cut above the rest – even if it means risking your life. Here are some of the other pictures that have helped her gain more than 3 million followers on social media:

Well, at least she did it and got a decent video/photo collection out of it. She should be careful though – next time she might not be so lucky.


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