Instagram Best Practices To Gain Followers 

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Social media has surrounded us completely, which is why around 51% of the world has a social media account, and 83.3% of all internet users are using social media. Instagram is one of the most followed social media applications, with a billion active users.  

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Due to the sheer following, a lot of people and brands have gained popularity on this platform. One such influencer is Huda Kattan, the owner of the HudaBeauty brand, who has 29 million Instagram followers. While Huda Kattan is a beauty and makeup influencer, there are many other types of niches that are present on Instagram. A niche is a tight-knit community and a specialized market, and Instagram influencers are usually divided into niches and demographics. Here are some easy and effective ways to gain Instagram followers and create your niche. 

Post Consistently  

It is important to be an active user on Instagram, as you are trying to build a group of loyal followers. It keeps the audience engaged, and makes them look forward to your incoming posts. It sets an expectation and assures the followers that you are consistent and responsible. It is essential to post consistently to retain followers, and your follower count does not start to drop due to infrequent posting. The more you post, the more Instagram promotes your content on your follower’s timelines. It gives them constant content to look at and increases the engagement level. It is best to post once a day or once every two days, to socialize with your audience but not spam their accounts with too many posts. It is also best to select a time when you know most of your audience will be available, so evenings are the best option as that is when everyone is free from their chores and jobs. 

Engagement Is Vital To The Platform  

Engagement is perhaps the most vital ingredient to increase your popularity on Instagram. Engagement defines your interactions with your followers, the number of posts you make, and the stories you share. It not only considers the likes and comments of your followers but also includes how many people are interested in your IGTV, your stories, as well as your specific personalized hashtags. It calculates all of the aspects of your Instagram account and summarizes it as engagement. The higher your engagement, the higher your account will be suggested to people who are interested in your content or follow similar influencers. In addition to using the app, you could also use an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo to organically gain followers, and since the service uses engagement, your content will naturally become more popular. Using this tool effectively can give you a big advantage, as you can become a highly suggested account to follow.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Use The Proper Hashtags  

Instagram is full of numerous hashtags, whether it be related to anime or makeup, or career, all of the hashtags are present. Hence why it is vital to use the correct hashtag to promote your content outside your direct followers. If a makeup brand like HudaBeauty does not use its hashtag, then her content will not show up when someone searches for her personalized hashtag. This will reduce her views on her account and on that post. Hashtags are an effective way of collecting all similar content into one place for the audience. It is the first step to gain more followers, as people will find your account easily if you use a popular hashtag. So, you must spend your time finding relevant hashtags and using them to their maximum potential, to increase user engagement and your followers.  

Create A Content Calendar  

It can be hard to keep track of your daily Instagram activity and remembering when exactly to post. So to remove this worry and be aware of your content timeline, it is best to create a content calendar. This way, you can have your personalized post schedule and know exactly when to post and how often you should be posting. It can help you become more consistent and create more content than you might be doing before. 

Hence, the best way to gain followers and increase your audience is to post consistently, increase your engagement, use the proper hashtags, and lastly, create a content calendar. Consistent posting will increase your engagement, set an expectation for your followers, and create a content calendar that can help you remember when and what to p


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