VIDEO: Australian Idiot Narrowly Escapes Death After Performing Insane Backflip Into Swimming Pool

Insane Pool Backflip

This video is not for the fainthearted, seriously.

This dude has got to be one of the stupidest people in history because if he had been just a little bit short on his jump then he would be dead, or at least have brain damage and/or a permanently fucked up face. Having said that, the fact he did a backflip off a roof into a swimming pool three metres away and created a viral video is kind of cool, but only in the way that everyone thinking you’re an idiot is kind of cool.

The guy in the video is called Brodie Sciberras and it was filmed in Perth in Western Australia over the weekend. The video is one minute thirty long but most of that is Brodie standing on the roof with his back to the pool contemplating the jump, while most of his friends egg him on/tell him not to do it. He eventually jumps around one nineteen so if you’re feeling really impatient skip to that part.

Shortly after the jump, Brodie changed his Facebook profile picture to the one seen below, probably along with a caption like #WINNING or something dumb like that.

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Brodie Sciberras

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