Insane Multiple Ski Backflip

Insane Ski Backflip

So 30 people on skis were holding hands and they totally nailed and landed a simultaneous backflip.

Insane Ski Backflip

Wow. With a title like that I’m not really sure I need to say much else in this little article but I’ll try and pad it out before I get to the main event at the bottom. This record attempt was organised by some dude called Mikael Kingsbury who is the freestyle skiing world cup champion (I don’t really know what that means but it sounds pretty sick) and it happened in the ski resort of Mont St Sauveur in Quebec.

Allegedly the group trained for about two hours in smaller groups of two or three until they all thought they had the hang of it – that’s not bad for learning how to master a backflip huh? – and then they all got together to go for the world record attempt. Miraculously they managed to completely nail it on only the second try. How in the hell did they do that?

I’m not sure who these guys are but I guess if they’re friends with Mikael Kingsbury then they’re already probably pretty sick skiiers and not just some random guys who he met at the resort, but even so it’s pretty fucking impressive that they can nail a 30 man backflip on their second attempt after only practicing for two hours. Hell, it’s pretty fucking impressive they nailed it to begin with, let alone how much time they did or didn’t have to practice beforehand. It’s crazy.

Apparently this broke the world record for skiers doing a backflip whilst holding hands (no shit Sherlock!) but unfortunately this record attempt came too late to make it into this year’s edition of the Guinness Book of Records so they’re gonna have to wait until the next one until they’ll be included. AWAH! I bet they’re hoping nobody beats them but to be honest I would be stoked if somebody did beat them because it would mean we get to see more sick videos like the one below.

You can check out a  couple of different videos with different angles of the insane backflip below:

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