This Insane 70,000 Calorie Cheese Toastie Will Destroy Your Insides

50 pound grilled cheese

So. Much. Cheese.

We’ve got another video for you from Epic Meal Time today. For those of you who haven’t heard of this YouTube channel, these guys are in the business of making monster-sized versions of already unhealthy junk food. It’s basically the filthiest food porn you will ever see and a lot of the time it doesn’t even look that appetising (but it’s fun to watch nonetheless).

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In this video, the hosts are making a 50-pound, 70,000 calorie grilled cheese (cheese toastie if you’re English) and as always, it contains an obscene amount of cheese, meat and bread. Check it:

Deep fried blocks of cheddar? And Maccy’s burgers in the dough? I don’t understand how these guys aren’t fat – their insides must tell a different story.

For more Epic Meal Time videos, check out this cheeseburger made out of 84 cheeseburgers.


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