Influencer Emma Chamberlain Is Now Charging Fans $10,000 For A DM

You can also pay it off $900 a month for a year.

Gonna be the first one here to say that I don’t know who Emma Chamberlain is, but it sounds like she’s doing OK for herself if she can charge her fans $10,000 for a personalised DM.

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Chamberlain is an influencer who apparently rose to fame in 2018 thanks to her YouTube channel and now she’s looking to monetise that fame even further by opening up a store called ‘Anything Goes’, where she was charging $10,000 for a personalised DM. Don’t worry if you couldn’t pay it all at once though because you can also pay $902.58 a month over a year long period to pay for it. What a bargain.

Anyway, obviously a whole bunch of people were super outraged about the idea of this because let’s face it, it’s quite clearly ridiculous.

Gotta say I agree with all these people to be honest. Sure, I see celebrities charging people for personalised messages on Cameo and that, but they’re usually charging around £40 or £50 and sometimes they even give them to charity AND it’s a personalised video message. This is just a DM. Hope that nobody actually ended up paying that price before she ended up taking the deal down. World’s broke.

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