This Infected Filler Video Will Put You Off Cosmetic Surgery For Life

Filler video


The risks associated with cosmetic surgery just don’t seem worth the rewards. If you disagree, then this video might be enough to sway you.

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The below footage, which emerged online this week, shows 41-year-old Nong Guang having infected filler squeezed from her forehead.

Apparently she had the filler injected almost two years ago. Following the procedure, her face became soft and she could move it around like plasticine. Grim. She decided (after TWO YEARS) to go to a clinic, where the doctors told her it had become infected.

The footage from an emergency treatment at the Teeraporn Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand, shows surgeons slowly squeeze the gunge from her face. Warning: this is not for the squeamish:

That was hard to watch. If you were considering getting some sort of cosmetic treatment, hopefully this video will make you think twice.

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