The Blowjob Gallery – Now In Video


The Blowjob Gallery is now even more awesome. A video of the act/s has now surfaced.


You probably don’t remember but a while back I brought your attention to The Blowjob Gallery – a collection of photographs taken when the face of the person having the photo is being blasted by an industrial strength hairdryer. When I came across it, it really lightened my morning up and sort of made the hangover less worse and I hope it did the same for you ‘orrible bunch. If it didn’t then you’ve either got a sense of humour equivalent to a sloth or you’re not as childish as me. You miserable cunt. Fvck your 9-5 and invest in a smile instead.

In case you did forget how funny the photos are, or you didn’t bother clicking on the post last time, here’s one of the photos, below, and here’s a link to the rest:


Anyway, The Blowjob Gallery was awesome the first time around but second time around it’s even more awesome. Yes, ladies and gents, The Blowjob Gallery has now been made into a video. Watching peoples’ faces get nearly mauled apart, their skin looking like a crusty bowl of custard in the wind has never been funnier. Crack open a smile:


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