Indonesian Police Accidentally Get The Whole Of West Jakarta High After Burning 3 Tonnes Of Marijuana

Great police work.

Police in West Jakarta set fire to 3.3 tonnes of weed right outside their offices the other day, creating a giant cloud of weed smoke which spread around the local area and got everyone mega high.

The massive weed haul was destroyed along with 1.8 kg of crystal meth and 2,538 ecstasy pills which they’d decided to blend with the green, which is a nice little mix to get everyone properly buzzing.

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The police were able to protect themselves with gas masks but didn’t think to warn anyone else in the area that they were about to get the sickest contact high of their lives.

One resident said:

I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

Others said the smell was “too strong” or “overwhelmingly tangy” .

On one hand this seems like a devastating waste of perfectly good weed but on the other hand, at least they managed to get everyone stupidly high one last time. 10/10 police work, Indonesia. Good thing this kid wasn’t around for some next level whitey freak out.


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