Indian Clothes Shop Called “Hitler”

Hitler Shop India Front

It must be tricky deciding on a name for your shop, but there are some names you can scrub off the list straight away. “Dog Shit” is one and “Hitler” is another.

A clothes shop in Ahmedabad, India has proved that there’s never A-dolf moment on the Indian subcontinent. It chose the name Hitler. An inspired and non-offensive choice I think you’ll agree. They claim that the name was in honour of a strict grandparent of theirs, but the mini-swastika in the dot above the ‘i’ suggests otherwise.

Hitler Shop India Business Card

Unsurprisingly the Jewish community (and the majority of other sane people in the area) have kicked off about it. Makes sense, you can’t really go round naming businesses after mass murderers. It’s just not the done thing. I’ve personally eaten at Genghis Khan’s Mongolian BBQ but I think he was marauding around the world long enough ago that people aren’t too sensitive about it anymore. But the Harold Shipman Cafe or The Peter Sutcliffe Nursery would probably be given a wide birth.

Hitler Shop India Reich

One of the genius owners – Rajesh Shah – said that he was getting calls from all over the world with people having a pop at him about the name, he said it was “getting very annoying” as they would get called at “odd hours”. He also said that he was concerned that they would lose a bit of business with the name change as it had attracted a lot of custom – “I’ve been getting a good response with the Hitler name; sales are good.”!!!

Apparently some of the youth in India have a bit of a strange obsession with Hitler, and the holocaust isn’t taught so much in schools there so it’s possible some of them didn’t know how much of a dick they looked carrying a fascist placcy bag around town.

Hitler Shop India Front Carrier Bag

Manish Chandani, Co-Owner, said “I was not aware of Hitler being responsible for the killings of six million people before the shop’s inauguration. This time I will choose a non-controversial name.” Yeah good plan buddy. Maybe something like Auschwitz Outfitters would be less obvious? The swastika is actually a reversal of an ancient symbol meaning peace so I can kind of understand the confusion… but do your research in future boys.

They have agreed to change their name, a decision that was long over-jew (sorry). In 2006 a Mumbai Pizzeria had to change it’s name from ‘Hitler’s Cross’ for similar reasons and a TV channel had to change the name of a comedy series called “Hitler Didi” which was about a strict aunt.  So these jokers weren’t the first to try and Mussolini on the act.

Hitlers Cross Indian Resteraunt


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