Watch These Guys Pull Off Incredibly Complex One In A Million Pool Trick Shot

Trick Shot

Excellent use of a Rune Goldberg machine.

There’s something about the accuracy and finesse behind a trick shot that just makes you glued to the screen when you encounter one. It’s even better when it’s combined with a Rune Goldberg machine to create one of the most intricate processes of all time.

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Allstars Bar in Bristol has a reputation for devising some of the sickest trick shots to ring in the new year, and this year was no exception. They set up one of the most elaborate trick shots/Rune Goldberg machines that I’ve ever seen. Taking place across two floors of the bar and 500 feet, it plays over two minutes long and about ten different pool tables before eventually sinking the final putt.

Elaborate doesn’t even begin to cut it:

So mesmerising. The only question really is how the hell are they going to top something like that for next year? That seems unbeatable.

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