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In The Box Subbuteo

Subbuteo used to be cool back in the 80’s when there was no such thing as video games then it kinda died out. But apparently there’s a whole subculture of nerds holding Subbuteo tournaments all over Europe, and a new photobook has painstakingly documented this obsession.

In The Box Subbuteo

Ages ago at the start of 2012 Sick Chirpse advertised for new writers on Gumtree and a bunch of people replied, submitted articles, got accepted, were given a username on the site and then promptly wrote one article and disappeared. One of these guys was called Hi-Tower and he wrote a review of some restaurant he went to eat at up in Haringey. The place was called Hala and he seemed to enjoy it. You can check out his review here if that’s the kind of thing that interests you.

Anyway, even though I think Hi-Tower is following me on Twitter (timw_brap yo, check it) I never really thought I would ever hear from him again because I mean why would I? He wrote one article and disappeared, what possible reason could he have for contacting me again? Oh yeah, that’s right, for a favour. Of course. I was surprised to see an email from him in the Sick Chirpse inbox asking me to plug some book he was working on. I didn’t really feel like I owed the guy anything and we don’t normally do promo stuff like this on Sick Chirpse but I  checked it out on a whim and actually really liked the concept of the book so I said I would do a little article about it out of the goodness of my heart. And a free copy of the book of course.

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So yeah it seems like Hi Tower and his buddy are big into Subbuteo and decided to travel around Europe going to Subbuteo tournaments and taking a bunch of pictures of them and writing some words about them, although mainly focussing on the pictures. I guess that doesn’t sound that great but then you have to remember that Subbuteo players are obviously complete weirdos because they really love football but are too nerdy/retarded/weak/whatever to actually get up and kick a ball around like everyone else and so instead decide to flick little models around on fake pitches. And I guess the kind of people that are featured in this book go so far as to travel around Europe attending tournaments to highlight their skills, so you know they’re going to be the complete weirdest people around. There’s bound to be some tremendous photographs in that book right?

I mean when you think about it I guess Subbuteo used to be kind of popular back in the day, but now that Pro Evo/FIFA exists everyone just plays on that because it’s so much easier and better, right? And so yeah by default, the weirdest and most eccentric people probably stuck around flicking players on a fake pitch. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and have a laugh at all these pictures and all these people. Hi Tower says he’s included a bunch of quotes from the best Subbuteo players as to why Subbuteo means so much to them too, which is awesome and bound to be completely hilarious. Basically I think this book is going to be really cool and even if you’re not into football you should be into it because you’re on Sick Chirpse so that means you’re into dumb stuff and that’s exactly what this book is going to feature in abundance.

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Of course, there’s a catch and the guys are trying to get 500 pre-orders of the book so they can afford the publishing fees which are a smooth 10K. Ouch. Still, I guess if you want to publish a good looking photobook then you’ve gotta pay the piper.  So yeah, check out the In The Box KickStarter page. They’ve already raised almost half of the money they need in about a week which is pretty impressive considering there are three weeks left of the challenge, so do them a favour and pre-order a copy of the book now so this thing sees the light of day. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome and there are a bunch of cool packages you can get on there too if you’re made of money. If you need any more information on the book you can also check out the In The Box website. Also if you check out the Kickstarter page there’s a really funny video  of the guy who made the book – Tom Groves – talking about it in a really nice shirt that’s worth watching  purely for the lolz.

But seriously, help him out, you’ll get a great book that you can put on your bookshelf/coffee table/toilet that all the lads will look over every time they come over and think you’re kind of cool for owning.

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