The Importance Of Purchasing Tow Truck Insurance



The tow truck business is one very lucrative venture. Cars keep breaking down in the middle of the road, others do get involved in accidents and others have been lying dead somewhere in a garage and need to be taken either for repair or for scrapping if they are beyond repair. This is where tow trucks come in.

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Tow trucks offer the transportation service of moving these immobile vehicles from one place to another. But there are risks involved. Anything can happen when a tow truck is at work. It may get involved in an accident and incur damages. The vehicle being towed may also get damaged. Worse still, the driver driving the tow truck may get hurt or die during such an unwarranted occurrence.

These risks can be quite expensive to cater for out of your pocket as a tow truck business owner. This is why tow truck business owners need to purchase tow truck insurance to cover such risks in the event that they do happen.

Tow truck insurance plans mostly cover 4 major areas: Medical payment insurance, auto liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and uninsured motorist insurance.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to purchase tow truck insurance:

  1.   It Helps Cover Your Workers’ Bills

Tow truck insurance will come in handy to cater to your workers’ bills in the event that an accident happens while they are in the line of duty handling tow truck related tasks. If your employees get hurt or become sick on the job, a workers’ compensation cover under the tow truck insurance policy will help a great deal in covering for the accrued medical bills. 

This tow truck cover may also cater for the compensation of lost wages for the time that the worker is unable to work. In the event that the worker dies, the cover will provide the listed beneficiaries of the cover with benefits.

Remember, as a tow truck business owner, you are responsible for catering for your workers’ injuries when they get hurt running tasks for your business. So it’s vital that you take up the workers’ compensation cover under the tow truck insurance policy to safeguard yourself from such an eventuality.

  1.   You Get Excess Liability Coverage

Excess liability insurance gives a tow truck business additional insurance over and above what the existing insurance policy covers. You may, for instance, have excess liability insurance added to your existing auto liability insurance policy. In the event that you end up exhausting the coverage limit of this policy, the excess liability cover will kick in and cover the additional remaining expenses.

  1.   You Safeguard Your Client’s Car

As you tow your client’s car from one place to another, there are multiple risks it may be subjected to. Additionally, if your business also stores the towed vehicles within its premise probably for repair, other risks may come up such as an outbreak of a fire that could damage the client’s vehicle. Having a tow truck cover such as the on-hook cover or garage keeper’s cover will come in handy to cater to these risks in the event that they do happen.


Having the peace of mind that your tow truck business is covered for any unwarranted eventuality will give you the confidence to work without worry or fear. Purchase an insurance cover for your towing business today. Check out Insured ASAP for the best tow truck insurance cover deals.



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