Two of the stupidest artists of the new millennium join together.

I was pretty excited last week when Andrew W.K. tweeted that he was going to be releasing a collaboration with his favourite artist ever the following day.

I was left wondering, who could Andrew W.K’s favourite artist ever possibly be? Considering the kind of ridiculous music that Andrew W.K. makes I didn’t really have that many ideas who it could have been…..maybe Meatloaf because it’s kind of theatrical and piano based?

Of course, it turned out to be Soulja Boy.

Everyone loves Soulja Boy because of that stupid song that was all over TV and loads of people had as their ringtone about four years ago. You know the one:

Soulja boy off in this hoe
Watch me crank it
Watch me roll
Watch me crank that soulja boy
Then super man that hoe
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)
Now watch me you
(crank that soulja boy)

Banger right? Don’t pretend you weren’t jiving down at Oceana to Soulja Boy back in 2008 or whatever. I guess he dropped off the map since then, so I guess what better way to revitalise his career then by joining forces with Andrew W.K. to release I’m A Goner? Matt and Kim are involved, but I don’t really know much about them, other than the fact that they played a few shows with my friends in Fake Problems one time and are like some kind of hip indie slow jam dance duo.  I was excited to hear the song though that’s for sure! I’m a Goner is something to do with Converse as well which is pretty cool I guess? Are Converse still in?

Anyway, I’m a Goner didn’t let me down. It’s kinda slow and dominated by Matt and Kim but it’s a real jam and the chorus is really catchy. Might make me actually check out some Matt and Kim now. The only part that really isn’t that good in it is Andrew W.K.’s part because he really hams it up and uses this really stupid voice that he used on his later records. Still, it doesn’t ruin the song by any means and it’s actually really cool, a real summer jam. The video is decent too as all four of them are dead in a morgue but come to life and dance around a bit and party. You know, because they’re goner’s, you get it? Anyway here’s the vid, let me know what you think. If you’re not into it I guess you could check out Bedouin Soundclash or Hymns or something.


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