Ikea Has Renamed Its Products After All Your Secret Relationship Anxieties


Retail therapy.

One of Ikea’s key traits is that it gives its products personalised names. As part of a new marketing campaign, the Swedish company has decided to take this concept and adapt it to create “Ikea Retail Therapy.”

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This means they have renamed some of their best products after the top relationship questions searched for on Google. A double bed previously known as “Lonset” is now “How to have a happy relationship,” while a magnetic chalk board called “Luns” is now being sold as “He can’t say he loves me.”


According to Akestam Holst, the Swedish creative agency behind the marketing campaign, the names are based on the premise that Ikea’s products are, “designed to solve everyday dilemmas.” Here are some examples:

My partner snores: a single daybed.

He doesn’t text back: USB charger for a phone.

How to say I’m not interested: a garlic press.

My girlfriend won’t do the dishes: built-in dishwasher.


Magnus Jakobsson, the agency’s creative director, said:

Of course, we’re not saying that we can solve every relationship problem people might have, but perhaps we can remind them of the fact that Ikea might be able to offer you some relief.

Genius marketing from Ikea as always. Almost as good as the time they told Kanye West to fuck off when he sent in some design ideas.


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