Idiotic Mother Gets Fake Spray Tan Then Breast Feeds Her Baby

Baby Fake Tan Breast Feeding

Does anyone ever actually think about what they’re doing these days?

A complete idiot called Gemma Colley from Leeds decided to get herself a fake tan and the breast feed her kid five hours later. Obviously this didn’t turn out well and the baby had loads of fake tan all over his face for a few hours afterwards.

If that was me I would probably be pretty embarrassed about the whole situation and keep it quiet – hell I might even be worried I could get investigated on some bogus child abuse claims or something in today’s society – but Gemma thought it was a good idea to post it on the Facebook page for some lame blog called ‘The Unmumsy Mum’, leading it to be shared over 37,000 times.

She did post a later update about how the tan had come off the baby, but even so this is remarkably stupid and irresponsible. I guess that’s why it went viral though because people love idiots. Now Gemma Colley, everyone will remember you as one, but hopefully your baby won’t have to go through life being known as the fake tan kid though.

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