Iconic British Astrologer Mystic Meg Has Passed Away Aged 80



I’m not sure whether or not I believe in astrology (actually I’m pretty sure that I don’t), but when it comes to that world I think there’s one name that sits head and shoulders above the rest that everyone is aware of: Mystic Meg.

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That’s why it’s terribly sad to bring you the news that the nation’s foremost mystic Margaret Lake (that’s her real name) has sadly passed away this morning at 3:45am at the age of 80 after a short bout of the flu. Mystic Meg wrote a daily horoscope section for The Sun for the past twenty three years, but really rose to prominence with her segment on ‘The National Lottery Live’ in the mid 90s, where she would speak a bunch of nonsense that usually had nothing to do with whoever ended up winning that week.

Everyone knew her name back then though, so it didn’t really matter did it? One hell of a career.

Here’s what The Sun editor Victoria Newton said:

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This is devastating news. We have lost an icon.

Our brilliant and incomparable Meg was synonymous with The Sun – she was a total legend. We loved her and so did our readers.

For more than two decades Mystic Meg has been a must read column and cemented her as Britain’s most famous astrologer.

She was a true professional whose guidance helped our readers daily – our postbag bears testament to this.

One of my favourite memories of Meg is when all the Spice Girls came to the office, just as they were riding high at number one.

We planned a tour for them but all they wanted to do was meet Mystic Meg!

You know you’re a true icon when the only person Victoria Beckham is interested in is you.

Farewell Meg. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Not really sure if she was synonymous with The Sun but that story about the Spice Girls is pretty jokes isn’t it? Find it kinda dumb that Meg was required to be in the office when all she did was send in horoscopes every day, but maybe she had a premonition that the Spice Girls were coming in that day. Is it too soon to be making jokes like that?

Anyway, I will agree with Victoria that Mystic Meg was definitely a 90s icon and it does suck that she’s passed away now. RIP.

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