Iceland (AKA Kerry Katona’s Benefits) Just Got Parred To FUCK By Nando’s

Fuck you Iceland.

Iceland – the supermarket, not the national football team – tried to engage in some Twitter trolling the other night following Portugal’s 1-1 draw with Iceland (the country), and let’s just say it didn’t exactly go to plan.

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The Iceland Foods social media team thought they’d get some self-promotion by harassing Cristiano Ronaldo over the loss:

Eh, not great but whatever. Next up, they tried to have a dig at Nando’s:

Except, they’re not Portuguese at all:

As you can imagine, it was then Iceland who were on the receiving end of some good old-fashion Twitter trolling:

For a real masterclass in trolling, check out what Anonymous did to ISIS following the shootings in Orlando last weekend.


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