Iceland Has Launched Luxury Beef Burgers Made From Beef Cheek And Cheddar


With the summer now well and truly underway – kinda at least, given the unique set of circumstances we’ve faced this year – you can guarantee that the supermarkets are going to bring out a whole host of unique tasty treats to pile on your BBQs and the latest one of these comes courtesy of Iceland.

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The chain have unveiled their brand new Luxury Cheeky Cheeseburgers, made from beef cheek for a deeply rich beef flavour mixed with smoked Cheddar. The breakdown of the burgers tells us that it is made up as follows: 55% British beef, 25% beef cheek, 9% Cheddar and also contain water, salt and gluten free crumb (rice flour, water and bamboo fibre).

Not really an expert – or even an amateur – when it comes to the constitution of burgers but that sounds like a pretty decent deal to me, especially when you can pick up two of these monsters for just two pounds. I think they’re available right now from Iceland and will only take around 20 minutes to cook once you pop them on the grill.

I’ve eaten beef cheek a couple of times as a starter when I’ve been at a fancy restaurant (I know) and it’s pretty good, although I know what they mean by it being a bit rich and flavourful. Not really sure how that’s going to work on a burger, but if it’s only 25% of it hopefully it slaps just the right amount on your palette. Certainly willing to give it a go at that price though.

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