Watch This Ice Hockey Player Get Obliterated With One Absolutely Perfect Hit



The best part of ice hockey is that you’re actually allowed to beat the shit out of your opponents in a full on fist fight if the need strikes you. And even if it doesn’t get to that level, the checking between players is violent as hell.

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This video showcases that in all its glory, during a game between the Vancouver Canucks and the New Jersey Devils. Canucks defenseman Philip Larsen is receiving the puck round the back of the goal with his back to Devils forward Taylor Hall, so he doesn’t seem him coming at all. The poor dude turns around to one of the most savage hits I’ve ever seen right in his face.

He hits the ice cold and doesn’t get back up:

Ouch. My favourite part is definitely how his teammates don’t even bother checking how he is and just wade into the fight straight away. That’s true brotherhood isn’t it?

Fortunately – despite the fact none of his teammates really cared about his wellbeing – Larsen was said to be “responsive and awake” when he was taken off the ice, but was still taken to the hospital for further evaluation. It sounds like he’s going to be OK though – it’s just part of the job.

For more ice hockey hits, check out this other absolutely brutal one from a few months ago. Occupational hazard for these guys.


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