Ice Cube Has Tweeted A Bizarre Anti Semitic Conspiracy Theory

Not now.

As may have been expected, Ice Cube has been highly active on social media over the past couple of weeks as the Black Lives Matter movement has mobilised all over the world, but he sadly seems to have ruined a lot of that by deciding to post some nonsense about a bizarre anti semitic conspiracy theory regarding cubes all around the world.

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Cube decided to share imagery via Twitter regarding the black cube conspiracy theory which implies that Jewish elites worship Saturn as part of Satanic ritualism. Here’s what he had to say about it, as well as a couple of explanations from other people as it is a bit confusing sure – there’s also another anti semitic tweet of a mural that he shared a few days before:

Very weird subject matter to spouting off about at a time like this when the conversation is clearly focussed on improving black lives and not attacking the ‘Jewish power elite’. A whole bunch of people have obviously decided to comment on this as well and I think you’ve gotta side with them really – stick to tweeting about black politics at the moment Cube, you were doing a pretty good job of that.

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