Scientists Invent Ice Cream That Changes Colour As You Lick It

Well, this is a dream come true.

A physicist called Manuel Linares has decided to quit working on boring physics stuff and create an ice cream that changes colour when you lick it, which is a way better us of his time if you ask me.

Manual decided to ditch his physics background and instead pursue a ‘Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream’ which is apparently a real qualification. For his final project, he decided to create an ice cream that changed colour when exposed to temperature changes and the varying acidities of the human mouth. And he came up with it and it looks completely awesome. 

He calls it Xamaleon – which isn’t exactly the best name for an ice cream flavour but certainly has an air of exoticness about it – and apparently it’s tutti-frutti flavoured, which isn’t exactly anyone’s favourite flavour either but I doubt it will matter when people see that it changes fucking colour when you lick it. The ice cream is blue when it’s in the tub, then it becomes pink when you take it out and purple as you lick it. Yum.

Ice Cream

Manual’s keeping the exact formula secret – not that we would understand it anyway – because it’s still patent pending, but has said it isn’t exactly hard to make things change colour and that in fact it’s basic chemistry. I’m not sure if I’m buying that though, I mean if it was so easy why has nobody done it before huh? Surely it’s something that people would be interested in right?

Some are speculating that it changes colour due to the varieties of fruit contained in the ice cream, or perhaps the ‘love elixir’ – a kind of spritz – that is squirted on the ice cream before it’s served. Manual is also developing other types of colour changing ice cream – one that changes colour under UV lights in nightclubs and one that uses medicinal plants to induce an aphrodisiac effect. Saucy. It’ll probably be better than this list of whack aphrodisiacs at least.

Ice Cream Changing Colour


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