Murderer Ian Huntley Wants A Sex Change So He Can Move To A Cushier Female Prison

Ian Huntley

He’s fooling no one.

The world was shocked by the actions of Ian Huntley back in 2002, where he was found guilty of the murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells and sentenced to a double life sentence in prison at HMP Frankland.

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However, it seems that Huntley isn’t particularly enjoying his sentence and has ambitions to make it a tad lighter by changing sex so that he’s moved to an all female prison that’s a lot less tough than Frankland. Seriously.

Here’s what a source from inside the prison said about his plan:

Huntley and Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper) are always in and out of each others’ cells. They are both hated by the majority of the inmates because they have showed no remorse for what they have done.

There are a lot of bad people in Frankland Prison but Huntley is one of the worst. He knows he’s a marked man while he’s in Frankland and he believes his only hope of a cushy life is to become a woman.


He has told other inmates including Sutcliffe that he will start wearing women’s clothes, underwear and make-up in an attempt to convince doctors that he wants to be a woman. He’s going to join transgender pathway too. 

Well I mean it could have worked, although it seems unlikely that his plan will fool anyone now that it’s been blown all over the papers. It’s also probably a good thing for the taxpayer too, as if his application was successful then the operation would cost the NHS £100,000. Surely nobody is going to be dumb enough to be duped by this guy into actually thinking that he wants to be a woman?

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