Watch A Hydraulic Press Crush Your Annoying Alarm Clock To Oblivion

Hydraulic Press Alarm Clock


Ever since that video of the piece of paper exploding when it was crushed by the hydraulic press went viral a couple of weeks ago, the whole ‘things getting crushed by a hydraulic press’ vibe has gone through the roof.

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Here’s the latest instalment where we see something that I’m pretty sure every single one of us has wanted to crush at some point – that stupid fucking alarm clock that wakes you up every morning. Here it is, finally getting what’s coming to it:

Oh yeah. If that wasn’t the most satisfying thing you’ll see today then I’ll be very surprised. Unless you’re unemployed or retired, then I guess it doesn’t really mean anything to you, so you win.

For the Brazilian take on the alarm clock, check this out. Guaranteed to wake you up every time – probably with a concussion though.


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