The Hydraulic Press Nearly Met Its Match With 1500 Sheets Of Paper

Paper explosion.

Despite the Hydraulic Press Channel centring around the most basic premise, its videos have all become viral sensations. In case you’d missed them, they involve a hydraulic press crushing various items such as ball bearings, alarm clocks and the classic Nokia 3310.

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There’s something strangely satisfying about watching items being slowly destroyed by a giant metal contraption – sometimes you just need to switch off from the hectic chaos of modern life and watch a Furby get smashed to smithereens.

Today’s one is actually a little bit more exciting than usual, as it involves 1500 sheets of paper and an actual explosion. Check it out:

I told you – wasn’t there something oddly soothing about watching that?

For more of the same, watch this hot dog get destroyed by a mousetrap. You and I both know you’ve got nothing better to do right now.


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