Crazy Husband Brutally Assaults Wife In Car Park, Two Strangers Come To The Rescue

This guy is completely off his rocker.

We don’t have any background info on this one, but whatever kicked off this domestic dispute I think we can agree it’s never OK to start beating someone’s legs with a metal pipe in a public car park or anywhere for that matter.

Especially when that person if your wife:

I know you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover or anything, but those two do look like the biggest white trash couple of all time and it’s entirely possible she is just as much a catalyst for their problem as he is. Still, violence is not OK so good to see those passers-by get involved and send the scum bag on his way.

Have to say though, we were hoping for more along the lines of the kid who knocked out his girlfriend’s step-dad after he witnessed him slap her mum.


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