Husband Files For Divorce After Wife Sends Him This Bedroom Selfie


A story has been doing the rounds on the internet this week claiming that an unnamed man filed for divorce from his wife after she sent him a photo of herself sitting in her bedroom.

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There aren’t many details on the situation aside from that the man allegedly asked his wife to send a selfie and what he discovered led to the breakdown of their relationship. See if you can spot why:

Bedroom selfie

Did you spot it? For those of you didn’t, here’s another clue:

Bedroom selfie 1

That’s right – it looks like she was having a bit too much fun while her husband was away. Why else would a guy be hiding under her bed? Of course, we don’t know if this story is 100% valid because it was uploaded onto Reddit with a severe lack of details, but it’s a pretty odd picture nonetheless and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that something like this could happen. Trust me, we’ve seen it all here at Sick Chirpse.

For example, check out this Uber driver’s insane story about how she found out her boyfriend was hooking up with someone else. It’s even more outlandish than this one.


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