Husband Discovers His Wife Is Cheating On Him, Plans And Executes The Most Ruthless Revenge Ever

Cheating Husband


I think we all know that getting cheated on is one of the worst things that can ever happen to a person, but it’s really how you deal with it that indicates your true test of character.

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Whilst I’m not exactly advocating that the best way to do this is to meticulously plan a ruthless revenge on your partner that goes on for months – I’m not really sure if you’re going to get what you want out of that, as the guy in this story kinda finds out – I’ve still gotta give this guy props for the way he went about this. It’s definitely gonna have screwed up and embarrassed his ex wife for some time, if nothing else.

Read his tale below:


Dang, that was ruthless to the hilt. I imagine her parents, family and friends will eventually forgive her because that’s what parents do despite their shock and disappointment, but it still sounds at the end that the dude is pretty cut up about it all. I suppose if you get cheated on it’s gonna completely suck even if you do get the perpetrator back pretty bad, especially if your spouse ends up pregnant with the guy she was hooking up with. Revenge might be the best medicine, but there ain’t no medicine for that.

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