Sarge actually went over to Afghanistan to crawl through caves looking for bin Laden!?!?! The best blog on the internet just got better……

A few months ago, I featured the blog of some dude called Sarge who was assembling a crack team of commandoes to head over to Afghanistan in order to hunt down the man accused of the 9/11 attacks (which incidentally happened almost a DECADE ago) Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. At the time I questioned whether or not this was real because – let’s be serious – it sounded pretty ridiculous and it wasn’t helped by the fact he posted this really stupid video on his site of him working out and driving a car around an underground car park:


I even got a response from Sarge himself (wow!) in the comments section, where he tried to explain himself but was suitably mysterious/non-commital. Go check it out if you don’t believe me! This did nothing to help me determine whether he was a serious badass or a serious retard though.

However, since then it seems like a lot has changed with Hunting bin Laden. Most of the goofy stuff that I picked up on the site (the fact he wanted one of his team members to be an Asian female, the fact that he spent most of the time moaning about a conman who ripped him off for 15 grand) seems to have been deleted and there are only a few entries on the site now – he’s also moved over to tumblr which is definitely hipper than the platform he was using before – and is blogging consistently, detailing the days before he went to Afghanistan and his experience in Afghanistan. WAIT A MINUTE? HE ACTUALLY WENT TO AFGHANISTAN?

Well, he says he did, and to be honest it does sound pretty legit – although he does seem super keen to ‘prove’ he’s in the country by posting up photos he probably could have obtained fairly easily with a quick google or flickr search, such as this one of an Afghan newspaper dated April 9th 2011:

His stories are continually ridiculous as he tells of meeting up with contacts who he has to pay $750 for information and then travelling to caves and crawling through them trying to find bin Laden. Of course, he came up short. But he got some sweet shots like the ones below:

Since the start of April, he’s had to beat a hasty retreat from Afghanistan for undisclosed reasons but it sounds as though it was getting a bit too hot for him out there and the Taliban might be onto him. He’s now back in LA and has been taking meetings with both the US government, members of the Russian government and members of the press about developing the story/mission. Well, again he says he is, who knows if this is real or just another case of internet fact or fiction? I’m still unsure but I’m leaning towards it being true as he’s now updating his tumblr almost every day and has a bunch of pictures on there. But who can say? Guess you’ll just have to keep checking in.

Of course, it wouldn’t be hunting for bin Laden without some stupid quotes, so here’s a selection:

‘I’d say I will do my best to not be an asshole in the future, but honestly that is not a priority. Hunting bin Laden is. I’m almost 30, this is who I am. Until then, you can find me at the gym and the shooting range.’

‘The night we left Thailand, I had some really disturbing nightmares. Last night my partner was dreaming about his days in the US Army. I had a lot of different dreams and woke up at around 0430. Pamela Anderson was a key figure in mine, so it could have been a lot worse, clearly.’

‘I walk around Afghanistan like I own the joint and I make the decisions that are paramount to achieving my goals and making it to the next round.’

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