Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow Is Cloning His Weed Stash So Everyone Can Get As High As Him

Hunter S Thompson

Hail to the king.

Hunter S. Thompson – the gonzo journalist whose life was celebrated in cult classic Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – probably liked to get high more than anyone in history, and now his widow is enabling everyone else in the world to join him.

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Anita Thomson married Hunter in 2003, a couple of years before he died, and the pair resided in Colorado – a state here weed is now legal. Following this decision, Anita has revealed in the below Facebook post that she intends to clone Hunter’s private weed stash – which she hasn’t touched since his death – to create a new strain of weed and put it on sale in the state.

Hello week long benders:

Sounds incredible right? Granted, it’s gonna take a lot more than smoking the same weed as him to get as high as Hunter S. Thompson, but even so it’s a good start. Who knows, it might even make you start writing as well as him – I should probably get my hands on some ASAP right?

If you’re wondering what a day in the life of Hunter S. Thompson looked like, then check out his daily routine when he was working. Bear in mind that was when he was working – who knows what he was like when he had time off?


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