Humperdink To Face Guillotine

Could this be the most unwanted man in the UK?

Englebert Humperdinck

Rumours have been circulating that the UK entry for this this year’s Euro-vision song Contest will be making his last appearance at a one off ‘guillotine event‘ to appease national embarrassment. To be fair, Humperdinck (what a name) is the only old guy there, whilst all other contests are young, phenomenally attractive people, with singer/songwriter talent.

This article is entirely false, surprisingly. But the wrinkly, teabag coloured granny-exciter will be singing for the UK at the Euro-vision Song Contest in Baku, contrary to any advice from almost everyone, ever.

If you dare to listen, here is Engelbert Humperdinck performing ‘Love Will Set You Free’

Warning, does not contain mauling.

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