The Human Centipede Director Has Promised That His Next Film Will Be ‘The Most Vile, Inhumane Movie Experience Of All Time’

Tom Six

The Human Centipede is one of the most notorious movies of the past decade and rightly so because its whole plot revolves around some weirdo scientist who wants to sew someone’s mouth to someone else’s butthole. You’ve gotta be pretty messed up to come up with something like that.

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Anyway, it seems like even though there were two sequels that were even ranker than the original movie, director Tom Six hasn’t slowed down on his quest to offend the whole entire world as he’s promising that his next film will be ‘the most vile, inhumane movie experience of all time’. Good to see he hasn’t set his standards too high eh?

The film is called ‘The Onania Club’ and Six annoyingly hasn’t revealed any of the plot details yet, aside from a couple of soundbites and tweeting a picture of it below:

It will be the most politically incorrect inhumane horror flick ever unleashed on mankind.

The Onania Club is a very original, highly perverted black comedy that will shake up the world yet again.

I can’t say the plot yet because it’s so simple, but so out there. It’s so original, I’m sure that South Park is going to make another parody of it.

It’s really crazy — a very pitch-black dark comedy with horrific elements.

It will upset a lot of people again.

It predominantly features strong female characters and will definitely pass the Bechdel test with flying colours.

Well, the guy certainly has some pedigree about offending people so I’m fairly confident he’s going to deliver upon his promises here. Onania is an archaic term for masturbation so it’s fair to say that the movie is going to revolve around these strong female characters pleasuring themselves somehow, but just how that’s going to lead into vileness and inhumanity is anyone’s guess.

The movie is supposed to be coming out some time this year but there’s no info or release date or anything yet. It stars Jessica Morris, Darcy DeMoss, Deborah Twiss, Karen Strassman, and Flo Lawrence in case you’re wondering.

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