Everyone remembers the Human Centipede right? Well now the trailer for Human Centipede 2 has been released and it’s even grosser than the original.

Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) Trailer . So a couple of years ago everyone freaked out when that movie the Human Centipede came out because I mean, in fairness, it was really gross. I mean who wants to see a bunch of people sewed together to form a human centipede and then people shitting in each other’s mouths because that’s how they’ve been sewed together?

The answer is probably a lot more than would have had the film not been so hyped up for being gross by the media, but that’s another issue. Another answer is a lot of my friends, although I never got round to it, which is kind of strange because I’m normally into stuff like that. I mean, I re-watched Hostel a couple of weeks ago on the Let’s Wrestle tour. I guess torture smut’s kinda my jam and where better to investigate it more than in the Human Centipede 2?

Around the time of the Human Centipede, I remember reading an interview with director Tom Six about how it was only the first part of a modern horror series and how he planned to make a bunch of sequels starting with the Human Centipede 2 (Final Sequence). I was like, yeah right, like anyone is gonna give tom Six the money to make the Human Centipede 2 after the Human Centipede was so gross.

Well guess what, I was wrong and The Human Centipede 2 seems to have been made. I don’t know who gave this Tom Six guy the funding to make The Human Centipede 2 but they must be an idiot. I mean not only is The Human Centipede 2 inevitably really gross, it’s probably gonna get banned straight away so they can’t even make any money from it. The Human Centipede 2 has already been banned in the UK.

The Human Centipede 2 looks even grosser than the first one, and crucially looks really fvcking disturbing as well. Not because there are 12 people in the human centipede this time, but more because its firmly entrenched in the genre of metafiction. Some weird fat guy called Martin from London (in the Human Centipede 2 trailer you see how fat and round he is and man is it gross) sees the Human Centipede and becomes obsessed with re-creating it himself only with twelve people in the human centipede this time rather than three, hence the title ‘The Human Centipede 2: Final Sequence.”

This is either a really clever idea from Tom Six for the Human Centipede 2 or really dumb. Presenting it as a metafictional narrative either a) shows how dumb people were for thinking the original was so extreme and it might affect people by making the Human Centipede 2 so ridiculous or b) really scare people into thinking that someone could actually become obsessed with the Human Centipede and try to recreate it themselves in real life.

I’m leaning towards option b here though, as judging by the trailer it looks like the Human Centipede 2 is going to be completely rank. It’s also shot in black and white which means it’s likely going to be more gritty/edgy which means that the Human Centipede 2 will probably disturb even more people. Good one Tom Six, looks like more people are going to hate you now and the Human Centipede 2 will be even more universally loathed than the Human Centipede. I guess that was probably what Tom Six wanted though.

Anyway, The Human Centipede 2 trailer makes it look really, really gross as there are some pretty gross shots of torture and this fat guy called Martin just looks like a really gross person too. In short,  The Human Centipede 2 looks gross. I’ll probably have to check it out though, although I guess I’ll need to watch The Human Centipede first. Apparently the Human Centipede 2 make the Human Centipede look like ‘My Little Pony’ according to Tom Six. Check out the Human Centipede 2 trailer below:


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